About me

My name is Juliane, I’m a young German mum and I’m blogging as heiDIY some of my little Do-it-Yourself ideas which mainly focus on baby and kids stuff.

Since I was little I love to sew and to do handicrafts, ranging from napkin technique and Scrapbooking up to sewing teddy bears and pimping old furniture. That’s why all my relatives had to deal with the results of the newest Creativ Technique every Christmas during my entire childhood.

But just like in reality: You grow up, have less time and moreover a hand-crafted wind light with pink hearts as a present has not the same charm if given by a young woman than given by a 12 year old girl.

And then pink hearts again…

Some day I discovered a possibility to continue crafting sweet stuff but without getting the hairy eyeball. Becaus some day all people around suddenly got babies. At this point I a took my hobby and started to sew presents for all these little newborns.

But the whole thing had another background than the desire to be creative in pink. Because for some of these kids I wanted to do something special. Because I couldn’t get to see them that much often but wanted be a part of their live somehow. And there’s a far better chance of saying

„Look, this cuddle bear was specifically sewn for you by auntie Juliane!“

than saying

Look, this cuddle bear was specifically bought for you by auntie Juliane!

Something special for someone special

So with my hand-crafted and made-with-love presents I hoped to stay more in mind and not only to be this ominous aunt Juliane who only makes these short visits at the main holidays. Instead I wanted to be aunt Juliane who did this lovely cuddle bear on which ears the baby used to suck so much. And who needs to feel something for the little one if she had made such an effort…

So that’s the story about how I specialized my hobby to baby and kids stuff. Maybe you will find some inspiration at this blog for crafting something individual for a very special small human. No matter if it’s a present for the baby of your best friend or – like in my case by now – for your own one… 🙂